Customised websites

Secure & user-friendly websites, tailored to your business and budget.

The future is digital

We give your company image a boost with impressive and user-friendly websites. We translate your ideas and preferences into an impressive, eye-catching design.

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Our strengths

Software & hardware

Our packages not only include your website or webshop, but also hardware to make a local backup of your website and documents.

Maintenance & upgrades

We maintain your website during the entire agreement and adapt it according to your wishes with content, images or temporary promotions. You can request these updates once a month. You can scale up this frequency if desired.

Includes translation service

Depending on your agreement, you can have your website translated by us. For example, our basic package is available in Dutch and French, but other languages (e.g. English and German) are available subject to a small surcharge.

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Current contract is taken over

If your current provider agrees, we can take over your current contract under the same conditions. Contact our staff for a no-obligation appointment to find out more.

Convincing & flawless content

Our copywriters freshen up your content and select the right keywords to put your company in the spotlight. They convey a clear message that appeals to a wide audience. The copywriting service is included in all BREEX Salesmakers packages.


There is no shortage of creative designers at BREEX Salesmakers. Our team designs both online and offline graphics that tell your corporate story. This includes logos, banners, business cards and car stickers.

Why choose us?

Customised service

We will contact you once a month to discuss changes. Do you need a new image and content, for example, or are you running a temporary promotion? Please let us know.

Responsive web design

Because most users now browse the web on mobile devices, it is important that your website is also adapted to smartphones and tablets.

SSL/HSTS security

SSL encrypts your data and makes it almost impossible for others to see. It also allows your customers to check whether the website they are visiting is safe.

Cookie notifications

Cookies are useful for collecting data about your visitors. We make sure that your customers are properly informed about this.

Google Analytics

With Analytics, we measure how well your website or webshop performs. This gives you a strong basis on which to build your marketing plans.

GDPR & privacy

We upload your privacy policy and process your customers’ personal data in accordance with national and European legislation (GDPR).


What is our approach?

These customers are already on board

Backup & security

For today’s businesses, secure software and hardware is essential. Is your website blocked or are important business documents being lost? Not at BREEX Salesmakers! Discover our high-quality and user-friendly backup and NAS servers and rest easy! You will receive a network drive and a Security software pack from us. This package includes:

Our own technicians will install all the hardware. Do you require maintenance? They will come to you for the necessary updates.

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In combination with other services

Would you like to combine our web development with one of our other services (e.g. logo design or marketing campaign)? We sit down with you to discuss your ideas and work out a customised solution for you. At BREEX Salesmakers it is also possible to take over the contracts of your current suppliers. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.